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Located just 30 miles from downtown Atlanta, picturesque Lawrenceville is often revered as one of the best places to live in Georgia. Its attractive appeal is due in no small part to its tree-lined streets and parks. Unfortunately, trees can wreak havoc on the plumbing and sewage systems of home and commercial property owners. They can become unsightly, detracting from curb appeal and posing a downright threat when they’re in poor health. E-Z Out Tree Services features a range of professional tree maintenance and removal services for our customers. As the leading Lawrenceville, GA, tree service, we are experienced and dedicated to providing outstanding customer service.

Family-Owned and Operated

E-Z Out Tree Service is a family-owned and operated business that has served Lawrenceville and other Gwinnett County communities for more than 30 years. We are licensed, bonded, and insured and feature all the necessary tools and equipment needed to provide our services with efficiency. Our crews prioritize safety while taking care to deliver expert tree service. We take great care to ensure that our crews are highly trained and share our values for best-quality workmanship.

Our Tree Care Services

E-Z Out Tree Service offers scheduled and 24-hour emergency tree service. With our specialized equipment and skilled team members, we can provide you with the precise tree service you need at a fair, upfront price. Our main services include:

Tree Removal: Our Lawrenceville GA, tree service specializes in expert tree removal services. When a tree is in poor health, it can become a liability for your home or commercial property. E-Z Out Tree Service can remove any type of tree in any condition. If you’re looking to enhance curb appeal or need a tree removed for any reason, our crews can handle the job. As one of the few regional service contractors with a 90-foot spider lift, we can effectively bring down any tree–safely! Never let inexperienced or unlicensed operators trim or remove the trees on your property. They can hurt themselves or others and damage property with their ineffectual service.

Stump Grinding: In addition to tree removal, we also offer professional stump grinding service. We’ll remove all visual traces of the tree we remove so you can reclaim your land for another purpose. Don’t waste your time with a hardware store grinder! We can make short work of unsightly tree stumps for an affordable price.

Tree Pruning: To maintain the attractive look and health of your trees, you can rely on E-Z Out Tree Removal for our professional tree pruning solutions. Without routine tree pruning, dead or dying limbs can become property hazards. We remove branches that could damage your property or detract from its safety. Our skilled crews also provide tree pruning service that’s purely cosmetic in nature. Contact us if you need branches removed that are hanging perilously close to powerlines, rooftops, or even swimming pools. We trim trees and shrubs to perfection. Be sure to visit our gallery below to check out our workmanship in this area.

Storm Cleaning: Lawrenceville is no stranger to rough weather. When storms blow through, they can down branches and damage your trees and shrubs. E-Z Out Tree Services offers storm cleanup services for businesses and homeowners. If you’ve had a major disaster such as a tree that’s fallen on your home or commercial building, we can work with your insurance provider to quickly manage the job.

We feature highly skilled crews who have decades of experience dealing with storm-related tree disasters and messes. If your trees have become damaged by a storm and are beyond saving, we can remove them quickly before they fall down of their own accord.

Underbrush Clearing: Save yourself the trouble of clearing out your unsightly underbrush and let E-Z Out Tree Service efficiently tackle the job. We have all the equipment and tools needed to quickly and expertly remove all types of foliage–including poison oak. Our equipment can chew through saplings, weeds, and other forms of dense undergrowth. Whether you need a brush pile removed or have acres of land that needs underbrush clearing, we are the skilled Lawrenceville, GA, tree service for you!

24-Hour Emergency Tree Service: Tree emergencies don’t wait for normal business hours! That’s why E-Z Out Tree Service offers 24-hour emergency tree service for Lawrenceville residential and commercial property owners. We can quickly assess the emergency and provide the skilled team members and at-the-ready equipment needed to address an unsafe situation. If you need emergency tree removal service or emergency trimming, you can rely on E-Z Out Tree Service.



Keeping Lawrenceville Looking Great!

Based in Lawrenceville Georgia, E-Z Out Tree Service is committed to our great community. Our clients include area homeowners, public and municipal organizations, local businesses, and commercial property owners. We’d like to invite you to check out below our gallery of completed projects in Lawrenceville so you can get an idea of what our pros are capable of handling. Of course, we always customize our services to suit our clients’ exact needs.

We routinely remove trees from Lawrenceville properties for the following reasons:

  • To create space for other property features such as swimming pools, sheds, patios, decks, and gardens
  • As a protection from falling (when trees / limbs become unhealthy, removal is a safety must!)
  • Enhance the view–if a tree or trees are blocking your view, we can remove them
  • Prevent or minimize damage to foundations or plumbing systems
  • Improved street appearance

No matter the reason, our crews can safely remove any types of trees from your property–and always for a fair and upfront price.

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