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Emergency Tree Removal Services 24/7

Without guidance, trees & branches rarely fall where they’re supposed to, and that’s where we come out to help!

E-Z Out Tree Service offers 24-hour emergency tree removal services because we understand that it’s never a good time to have a tree fall on your property. The timing is always bad.

For the past 30 years, we’ve been an American owned and operated local tree removal company located in Gwinnett County.

We offer residential and commercial tree removal, so when you need help either protecting your home or business, make us your first call.

24-Hour Emergency Tree Removal Service

In Georgia, it tends to storm a lot. There’s just no getting around that. When you mix that with our love for trees here in the South, it can become a dangerous combination.

When a severe storm alert comes through, the first thoughts you have may not be about trees falling and hitting your house. Yet, in Georgia the weather can change quickly, meaning that even a perfectly healthy tree can fall, it happens, and if it does, make E-Z Out Tree Service your first call. Day or night, we’ll be there when you need us.

Who Pays For Your Tree Removal?

With our 24-hour tree removal service, we can remove the tree of your house skillfully and safely without causing further damage. So, when a tree falls, you will be able to have it safely taken care of without worry. Prices for our services will be determined by location, size, accessibility, and if you need complete removal of all wood, limbs, and debris

E-Z Out Tree Service works with your insurance company, so your payment doesn’t have to come entirely out of your pocket. We will tell you exactly what you will have to pay before we do any work. Our goal is to help you not have to come out of pocket.

We also work with restoration companies to get your home repaired. With our years of experience, friendly attitude, superb references, commitment, you can be confident that we will do an excellent job for you.

What to Do If a Tree Falls On Your House

Exit Your Property!! Make sure everyone is safe and be mindful of down electrical wires. We do not want you to come to harm. It is imperative that you get help determining if it is safe away from your home for the time being. Once you are at a safe distance, Call E-Z Out Tree Service! We offer great service and have skilled teams of tree cutters, climbers, and a lift to come to your aid.

Make sure to contact your insurance company (we will help with your insurance) and follow their directions.

What Our Tree Services Do For You

When our team arrives on the scene, we will assess the situation. Taking in what information we can gather from the fallen tree, and damage to your property. Then, our teams cut down the fallen tree(s) safely and rope the branches and logs down to the ground. With respect to your property and landscape, we offer the ability to chip brush and wood products, hauling them away to be completely recycled.

Once the tree has been removed you will need to make sure the area is secured to prevent any other incidents. Before we leave, we will work with your insurance company to cover the cost of the removal and get in contact with restoration services to help get your home repaired.

Need Tree Removal?

It’s no secret that tree branches can cause a massive amount of damage to your property. So, how do you know if the branches or whole tree needs to come down? That’s why we have certified arborists on staff.

We can come to your home or business and assess the health of your tree. With more than 30 years of providing this level of emergency tree removal service, we can tell you where trees pose a specific risk to your property.

It’s always recommended that you consider removal services should you find that the trunk of the tree is severely damaged including vertical cracks. Also, if you spot any large dead branches, or dead limbs on a particular side of the tree removal is highly recommended. The first step you should take is to call us and get an expert opinion on your situation to decide the best course of action. Below we have listed a few of the benefits associated with our services.

  • Creating Space: Trees often take up much needed space for additions such as sheds, pools, decks, and other expansions to add value to not only your home but to your day-to-day life.
  • Protection from Falling: Trees that have begun dying can be a huge risk to people, cars, roofs, and even power lines. Contacting a professional will allow you to get a better opinion on the best course of action to protect your investments.
  • Improved View: Depending on the position of trees around your house, they can have a huge impact on your view of the area that surrounds you.
  • Damage to Driveway, Sidewalk, and Foundation: Different types of trees can have enormous expanding roots. As they continue to grow, they can cause severe damage to any concrete structures on the surrounding property leading to an immeasurable amount of damage.
  • Improved Street Appearance: Trees planted in certain areas around the front of the home can impact your home’s appearance to other people. Removing or trimming these trees can greatly improve the appearance and value of your home.

    How To Prevent Your Tree From Falling



    We realize that sometimes things happen to bring part or all of the trees around us down. There’s nothing anyone can do about that, but there are some things you can do to give yourself some insurance against tree damage. Here’s our quick list:

    Check the list above to make sure none of your trees are in direct danger and make sure the trees you keep are maintained and inspected regularly.

    If you have saplings growing near your house, make sure they are not too close and if needed pull them. Trees that are starting to grow and leaning towards the house can be gently pulled in the opposite direction with some string, a proper rubber casing to hold the tree, and a spike to put in the ground.

    Other things to watch for will be trees that are leaning towards the house (larger trees), tree limbs that may be broken off and hanging, or trees that are dead and are being supported by the trees around them.

    Doing a quick visual scan of your surroundings every few weeks especially after a severe storm will help you identify when there may be a threat to your house. If you see anything like what has been stated contact E-Z Out Tree Service today.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    There are a few things you might be wondering about how our service works, and how we determine pricing etc. Listed below are a few questions most customers generally ask when looking for tree services.

    Do we provide free estimates?

    All our estimates are absolutely free with zero obligation on your part.

    Are we Licensed and insured?

    Here at E-Z Out Tree Service, we carry general liability insurance and workers compensation. We have a certificate provided directly by our insurance provider.

    How do we determine the price for tree removal?

    When we provide an estimate for any emergency tree removal job, your final price is determined by examining the location, size, accessibility, and the need for complete removal of all limbs, wood, and debris. We also accept check, cash, and all major credit cards for payment.

    Our Service Area

    Thousands of home and business owners all around the metro Atlanta area have come to count on the professionals at E-Z Out Tree Service for their emergency tree removal services. We’re located in Lawrenceville and work with customers all around Buford, Lawrenceville, Lilburn, Braselton, Dacula, and Hamilton Mill. We provide tree service all over Gwinnett County.Call us for a free consultation today.

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    The Signs of Tree Problems

    Trees near our houses can be great since they can provide shade and cooling in the summer or insulation in the winter, but they are not all friendly. Not all trees are friendly, though. One bad storm and a tree can fall, tearing through your roof, breaking into your rooms and destroying everything in its path. There comes a time when they need to be taken down before they cause harm.

    If you notice these issues, it may be time to call a tree service like ours:

    • Disrupted or raised soil at the base of your tree trunk
    • Fungi, such as mushrooms, growing at the base of the trunk
    • Chipped or peeling bark and cracks in the trunk
    • Holes in the trunk or primary branches
    • Dead or hanging branches at the top of the tree
    • Twigs with dead buds near them

    If you notice any of the above, call one of our certified workers to have a free consultation! We have arborists on staff.


    24 Hour Emergency Service!

    The Deadly Storms in Georgia


    Georgia has its share of severe storms, and they can be very destructive, especially to the trees around your home. Since 2017 we have had two hurricanes, Irma and Michael. Both hit our coast sending deadly tropical storms throughout all of Georgia including the Gwinnett and Atlanta areas. These storms carried heavy winds and severe rain that damaged houses, trees, power lines, etc. Hurricanes are not the least of Georgia’s worries, with the right geography and climate, tornadoes and severe storms can occur as well.

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