How It Works


DNA Testing Has Never Been Easier


When it comes to genetic testing, we live in amazing times. Never in our history has so much information about ourselves been so readily available. Better To Know makes finding out about your genetics as easy as a swab.



Genetic Testing Made Easy


Your genetic testing kit comes with everything you need to collect the materials we need to analyze at our laboratory. Everything is very straightforward and non-invasive.


Once your DNA test arrives in the mail, the simple to follow instructions are included. First, we recommend that you avoid eating, smoking, drinking or chewing anything for 30 minutes prior to collecting the sample.


The sampling kit includes a collector with a sterile sponge tip. Once you remove it from the packaging, please make sure nothing else comes in contact with that collection tip.


Place the sponge tip into your mouth as far back in your mouth as comfortable and rub along your lower gums using a back and forth motion. Gently rub the gums 10 times. Make sure you try to avoid rubbing your gums only and not your teeth.


Now, repeat the same pattern on the opposite side of your mouth. Make sure to rub the tip back and forth on your gums 10 times again.


Remove the sponge from your mouth and hold it upright. Unscrew the blue cap from the collection tube without touching the sponge.

Turn the cap upside down, but make sure you maintain the tube with liquid in an upright position. Insert the sponge tip into the tube and screw the cap back on tightly.

Once the sponge is securely in place, shake the tube vigorously 10 times up and down.


That’s it! From there, you’ll need to send us the entire tube in the package we sent you. We will process your material and provide a report as soon as possible.


Turnaround Time


Our goal is to have your comprehensive report in 3-5 weeks of receiving your information. Naturally, this depends upon many different factors, but it is always our goal to have your information to you as quickly as possible. We’ll send you an email letting you know to log in to your account for your full report. Discover the truth about you.


Order your DNA test today. Let us help you discover the mystery of you.